So, you have decided to give absent marketing tote baggage in anticipation of your summertime period. Fantastic choice! michael kors shoulder bags The hard portion is more than & now it is time to have some fun. You have already chosen the baggage you want, and now it is time to design them. Designing is the most exciting part of ordering custom printed tote bags. There are so many fun options, and now is your chance to create the most unique promo giveaways ever handed out by your company.
When it comes to designing tote luggage, your options are endless. You can embellish until you have a stylish masterpiece or you can keep it simple and classic. The following will help you decide how much style you want to infuse into your luggage:
Color - The first thing that you need to consider is color alternative. You might want to choose your company colors so that your baggage will be recognizable even from a fantastic distance, or you may want to think outside the box and choose colors based on style alone. Whatever you do, be sure to choose colors that are eye catching but not too garish. If your bags are gaudy, they will not be carried. If you're unsure how a color will look, ask for samples.
Trim - Trim is a wonderful way to add a little something extra to your printed tote bags. You can michael kors factory outlet add a different color trim along the seams of your bag to draw the eye and add another style element. You might even want to think about changing the handles of the bag. Braided rope handles, leather handles and different colored handles really make luggage unique.
Logo - Many companies choose only to place a simple logo on their printed tote bags. This is appealing because the logo can be blown up in size so that it fits most of the printable space on the bag. You may choose to do likewise, or you may choose to add a little extra. You can print advertisements, inspirational sayings...Anything you like.
Art work - A good way to beautify your printed tote baggage is to include art work in your design. You may want to commission an artist to create something that portrays your business. You can even host an art contest where the winner's work will be printed on your bags. You can get really creative with art work.
Design is absolutely the most enjoyable aspect when it comes to ordering and purchasing printed tote bags. If you are not very creative, don't hesitate to ask for help. If your bags are designed well, people will love them. They will carry them everywhere they go. And you will reap the rewards!